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Health and safety for every age and every stage .

Waffle free first aid. Engaging facilitation. Evidence-based training.

Tailor made first aid equipping Australian families and businesses. For everything and everyone from infant and child, to schools, workplaces, farms, family and community. 

First Aid Courses
Infant & Child First Aid
Empowering education for families.
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Nationally Recognised CPR & First Aid
Training and assessment delivered on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909.
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Corporate Sessions
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Prep to VCE, plus staff programs.
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Farm and Agriculture
Resuscitating rural first aid.

Nationally recognised first aid training with a focus on unique farming environments.
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Private Sessions
Great for friends and families and parents groups.
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You have only a few minutes to act. Would you know what to do?

There are 30,000 cardiac arrests per year.

Without oxygen, 10% of brain cells die every minute. 10 minutes without CPR means irreversible brain damage.

1 in 4 parents don't know how...

to treat a burn, manage a choking child or administer CPR. These life-saving skills can make all the difference.

Only 10% of people survive cardiac arrests

... but applying a defibrillator within 3 minutes can increase the chance of survival by over 70%.

Family First Aid Kit [Option to Personalise!]

Family First Aid Kit lid off
Family First Aid Kit [Option to Personalise!]
Family First Aid Kit contents
Family First Aid Kit personalised strap cursive
Family First Aid Kit personalised strap bold print
Family First Aid Kit
Family First Aid Kit [Option to Personalise!]
Family First Aid Kit Front of box
Family First Aid Kit [Option to Personalise!]
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Family First Aid Kit [Option to Personalise!]
Family First Aid Kit with Nicole
Family First Aid Kit [Option to Personalise!]

Family First Aid Kit [Option to Personalise!]

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Packed in a sturdy box with 123 essential items for home, work or school. Unique and practical first aid kits made in regional Victoria.Bespoke boxed kits can be branded and gifted with a corporate logo (or the family crest!).
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Your Guide to Pain Relief in Kids

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“If you get bitten by a snake you need to stay still, otherwise the snake juice will go through your body and you will die.”

Prep Student

 “This morning my daughter choked. Her airway was completely blocked. Thanks to you, I was able to stay as calm as I could and follow the steps you taught during your course. She is totally fine and I am so grateful that I was educated in infant first aid.”

New Parent

“The CPR refresher course was fantastic. Nicole delivered the content and invaluable information in a fun and engaging way. I feel confident that I would be able to act according in an emergency.”

Business Employee


Small babies are welcome at our public courses if you don't have a baby sitter. Toddlers can be (beautifully) distracting so where possible, so we discourage you bringing them along.

We want to ensure others attending are able to get as much out of the course as possible. 

One of our professional Rhythm Educators will lead your course. We all currently work clinically as emergency nurses, paediatric nurses  or both. This means our educators are up to date with the latest research, evidence based practice.

Educators have years of knowledge and experience and cannot wait to share this with you. They are warm and friendly, encourage you to ask questions in our supportive learning environment.

Our courses are nationally recognised and we deliver training and assessment on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909.

Upon successful completion you will receive your certificate.

The exception is our Infant and Child First Aid course is Non- Accredited training which does not lead to a nationally recognised certificate.

Just yourself, a comfortable outfit that you can move in.

Please bring a water bottle and a snack (cause snacks make everything more fun!) We will provide the learning materials and a pen, as well as a hot beverage or two.

Any cancellations within 14 days of your booking will unfortunately result in forfeiting the entire fee. This is because we will have turned away other bookings at the time that your booking was for. We encourage you to contact us as early as possible to see if we can assist with rebooking or transferring your booking to another person.

There will be a 10-15 break half way through the course so you can use the bathroom, have a stretch, refill your drink and give your brain a rest!