Rhythm First Aid

Training for Life

CPR & First Aid Training with a difference.

Breathing new life into First Aid Training

At Rhythm First Aid there’s no off-the-shelf guff regurgitated in a monotone voice (gosh, we can almost hear the collective groans). 

Life has rhythm. And we don’t miss a beat. Our training is modern, relevant and tailored to the ages and stages of our audiences. 

One day we’re teaching primary school kids, the next we’re at a workplace, first-aiding with farmers or preparing parents to respond to family emergencies. 

We engage each cohort by adapting language and learning outcomes to the life context. We also respond to the changing seasons and prevalent issues. Winter brings snot. Summer brings snakes.

Rhythm First Aid’s trainers are nursing professionals with their fingers on the pulse. We respond calmly to emergencies because we’re trained, experienced and up-to-date. Our healthcare experts can train you.

Client feedback indicates that our first aid training puts people at ease and instils confidence to respond competently and with composure.

People even say our training is fun! We reckon that proves they’re engaged; listening and learning, not just ticking a box. That makes our courses good training for life and everything it throws at us.

Code Red. Saving our health system from an emergency.

It’s in the media most days. The demand pressures are felt acutely by health and medical professionals.

Our team members are trained health professionals who are in the thick of it every shift (we love our jobs, by the way). 

Work in Victoria’s busiest hospitals gives us unique insights, and assuredness that Rhythm first Aid can alleviate symptoms.

Australia needs more people who are competent in first aid and who feel confident and capable to respond to a medical emergency. People who have access to resources and know how to use them. 

Rhythm First Aid is here to educate, empower and equip Australians to be safer and healthier at home, at work, in schools, on farms and in communities.

First aid training reduces risk and delivers better outcomes. It also means fewer people presenting to emergency because ‘Dr Google’ caused an anxious parent or worried workmate to panic. 

Life can get out of sync. Accidents and illnesses are inevitable. Unfortunately today’s barrage of social media causes both alarm and a false sense of security. This puts pressure on all of us.  

But when you’re prepared with expert training and trusted advice from Rhythm First Aid, you know what to do. You can calmly assess and stabilise a situation, and discern if an ambulance or hospital is required. Then we can all breathe a little easier. 


Nurse. Trainer. Change-maker.

Founder of Rhythm First Aid

"Nicole was fabulous. Actually the best trainer I have had during my many years of first aid courses."

School Teacher, Carisbrook Primary School

“Nicole was brilliant. A clear, concise presentation. Engaging, relevant content. Delivered in a fun way that was appropriate to our level of experience. Absolutely recommend.”

Course Attendee

 "Nicole was so engaging, knowledgeable and nothing was too much. She was patient with questions and was highly professional in her delivery and organisation."

Staff Member, St Pius x Warrnambool

Nicole was an excellent instructor - I have completed many of these course and she was by far the best!

School Teacher, OLMC Heidelber