5 Tips for Isolating with Kids

Isolating……….. with kids!!

Just when we thought we had no more lock downs we get sick and have to isolate to keep ourselves and the community safe. It is hard work, especially when you have children that need help keeping themselves entertained.

Here are 5 top tips to help get you through isolating with your kids.


No matter the age all kids thrive on routine and structure. It helps them to know what to expect and feel safe and secure. Create a light routine for your days in isolation. You can make it more detailed on the days you have the energy for more and stick to the basic routine when you really don’t even want to get out of bed.

It can be as simple as planning when you are going to have your meals and snacks and then decide what you are going to do in between (older kids can help you decide on these activities).


When it gets too chaotic and the kids (and you) are going crazy in the house get outside. Create games, have a picnic, play hide and seek. Getting outside helps your kids get a good balance of activities throughout their day in isolation. Let them jump in muddy puddles if it is raining or dig holes and look for worms. A nice warm bath after is enjoyable too.


Whether it is a fabulous friend or family member dropping off something special, ordering food or something new to play with. It doesn’t have to be expensive just something for the kids to get excited about. Get an ice cream delivery or breakfast in the morning with coffee to survive the day.


If possible allow each family member to have quiet time each day. It is hard work isolating in the same place with people for extended periods of time. Quiet time in a safe place allows the individual to rest and maintain their mental health.


Make popcorn, close the curtains and watch a movie together. This helps break up the day or finish the day off when you also need a rest and a cup of tea.
You can take it in turns of who chooses the movie.

If all else fails remember to be kind to yourself.

We are living through a very interesting part of history. There are no rules. Use this as an opportunity to spend time together, build relationships, helping your children feel happier and safer. Take a break for yourself and remember this is not going to last forever.

If you are feeling unwell or worried about your family members there are many numbers to contact in regards to sickness and mental health.

Where to find help

Coronavirus Hotline
Ph:1800 675 398

The Coronavirus hotline is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you think you have covid you can call this number and they will assist you.

The coronavirus website provides you with advice regarding all things covid. Whether your unsure if you need to isolate or need to get advice or help. Check the corona virus government website. It can be a bit of a maze, but it has just about every covid question answered.

Health Direct
Ph: 1800 022 222

Health direct is a government run website that provides quick accessible information and advice that you can trust. It also has a symptom checker attached to the website. This website seems a little less confusing than the Coronavirus hotline and easier to use.

PANDA- Perinatal anxiety and depression Australian
Helpline: 1300 726 306

A great one for new mums and dads. PANDA supports women, men and families throughout Australia affected by anxiety and depression during pregnancy and the first year of parenthood. The website itself provides important information and they offer a Helpline between 9am- 7.30pm Monday to Friday.

Kids health

Kids health is a website dedicated to providing families with the correct tools to help them raise healthy and happy children. It has a holistic approach to raising children focusing on all aspects of wellbeing including emotional, physical and behavioural. Providing you with the tools to help make better choices for your kids.


Headspace is an app and webpage that provides tools to help support mental health. It includes mediation and mindfulness tools to help improve your mood. It also has sections to help with sleep and stress.

Beyond Blue
Ph: 1300 224 636

Beyond Blue is a very well known service proving knowledge, support and guidance for all things mental health related. It has a specific section for Coronavirus mental health wellbeing, as well as age related advice, from children to older people to pregnancy and early parenthood. They have a 24h hour 7 days a week hotline that provides support to those struggling with their mental health.

13 11 144

Lifeline provides support to people experiencing emotional distress with a 24 hour 7 day a week crisis support line and suicide prevention services.

You can also reach out to your GP for advice and guidance for all mental health and medical issues.

Written by Laura, a Paediatric Emergency Nurse and mum of two little loves. As always, information on this website is for educational purposes only.

Please consult your GP for information specific to your child. 

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