Announcing our Partnership with Cotton On Kids!



We have partnered with global kids fashion brand, Cotton On Kids, to create the Rhythm x Cotton On Kids baby first-aid checklist for expecting and new parents. We have done this to bring you the ultimate in-store guide on what to add to your family first aid kit.  

The checklist is a comprehensive guide of everything you need; to monitor your little love’s temperature, treat minor scratches, and manage accidents in the home or on-the-go. The reverse side of the checklist compliments this, focusing on clothing and essentials for your baby throughout the first few days in hospital and at home. Whether welcoming a first or a subsequent child into a family, it is our intention to help decrease the mental load that accompanies what can be an overwhelming, yet beautiful period of time. 

Cotton On Kids has recognised the importance of being well prepared when you’re having a baby and they’ve identified how important having a first aid kit and first aid knowledge is. It is notable that Cotton On has recognised that health and safety is an area of significance and common alignment, utilising their reach to shine a light on this space. 

This partnership further recognises Rhythm First Aid as an industry leader in its efforts to better empower community and businesses through tailored first aid education. Rhythm First Aid is delighted to be entering the global market, broadening our clientele, to provide greater knowledge and empowerment to parents and the community. 

The checklist is now available in the following Cotton On Kids stores: 155 in Australia, New Zealand and Republic of South Africa 50 in South East Asia  90 in the United States of America. 

We are so excited that this guide is now available across Cotton On Kids stores
globally and also available here for download!

It is a privilege to have created a first aid resource with a tick of approval from a paediatric nurse, for families to access. 

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