First Aid Kit For The Home / Airbnb

A First Aid Kit is an essential item for every home.

Up until now, first aid kits were always hidden under the bathroom sink, or bits and pieces thrown in the laundry cupboard. Gone are the days of running around the house trying to locate a bandaid.

We introduce our BEAUTIFUL + FUNCTIONAL Family First Aid Kits.

Don’t be fooled into thinking these kits are only for children. All 123 items are safe to use on all ages of the family, from the newest additions through to the matriarch of tribe.

We are often told that it’s the biggest kids in the house that are the first ones to use items from the first aid kits.

The Family First Aid Kits are a hit in all Australian house holds, grandparents, air bnbs.

As seen in Deb and Andy’s Air Bnb - Bask at Green Point

Rhythm First Aid in an Airbnb

The Hideaway – Airbnb in Newcastle also proudly displaying a family first aid kit.

‘If there ever was a first aid kit that suits our aesthetics here at Bask, this is it. Designed by Melbourne nurse it has all the right stuff inside and looks out on the outside’ - Bask at Green Point Insta.
"Thanks so much. We really love it and think our guests will too. Its perfect. Finally something that look the good." - Deb and Andy owner of Bask + The Block contestants 2019.
‘Its great peace of mind knowing I have a complete first aid kit designed by health professionals so that I will be prepared for accidents and illnesses at home - Carlee, Mum and proud owner of a First Aid Kit