Travelling to Bali with a Baby: Sleep Edition

We recently travelled to Bali with our little baby, Oliver. I did a lot of research before we travelled and we had a really smooth trip. 

Oliver slept well in Bali which was a relief for us all. 

I’ve had so many questions, particularly around sleep with the adjustment in the climate, so I thought I’d answer a few here.

I have worked with ergo pouch and they have generously gifted me these products. Ergopouch have provided a discount code for the rhythm first aid community. Enter EPXFIRSTAID at checkout for 15% off .

This blog is focused on sleep but stayed tuned for a full travel blog coming soon!

Nicole with baby Ollie sleeping in Bali


Oliver slept in the ergopouch portable bassinet. Oliver slept in this for all of his night sleeps and some of his day sleeps. 

We took this bassinet down by the pool, and we even took it to a couple of beach clubs. The bassinet folds in half and is quite thin. It turns into a backpack so very easy for transporting around. 

My favourite feature of this bassinet is that it has a mosquito net that covers it entirely. 

I was worried about Ollie getting bitten by a mosquito, at such a young age and this bassinet completely alleviated that fear. 

Oliver slept in the portable bassinet a few times before we travelled to Bali, this gave me peace of mind that he was comfortable and slept well in it. 

Foldable ergopouch bassinetBassinet in bali


We took two of the ergopouch organic fitted sheets for the bassinet. 

We decided to leave our tuck sheet at home as the weather was going to be significantly warmer than here in Victoria. 

We dressed Ollie in layers, and followed the ergopouch what to wear guide to take the guess work out of what to dress him in for comfortable sleep. We follow this guide at home too. 

As I am so new to dressing a baby (only two months in), I took with us a digital room thermometer, about the size of two match boxes and used that to double check the temperature at times, ie, by the pool etc. This definitely isn’t necessary but it helped me to choose what do dress Oliver in for his sleeps. 

Ergo Pouch Dressing Guide


During the day when it was warmer, Ollie slept in the 1.0 TOG cocoon bag. 

Depending on how hot it was, we usually had one light layer on underneath. If he was sleeping in our hotel room where it was climate controlled he had more layers on, in comparison to out and about where it was warmer he only had a light layer on. 

Overnight in our hotel room the aircon was set for 20- 22 degrees, so we followed ergopouch what to wear guide. He slept in his 2.5 TOG cocoon bag. 


We kept as many things the same as possible, i.e. the same sheets and the same white noise machine, the driftaway. This white noise machine also doubles up as our night light. 

Sometimes when Ollie was settling to sleep I’d put on the 'sh sh sh sh' noise and then swap over to white noise when he was asleep. 

We took this with us everywhere, out for dinner etc, as it drowned out any other noise, and helped promote sleep. 


When feeling how hot or cool your little one is, it’s important to feel their chest. Remember not to feel their extremities as this is not accurate. 

ERGOPOUCH have generously provided a discount code for the rhythm first aid community. Enter EPXFIRSTAID at checkout for 15% off . 

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